Old Man Talk! (Channel 10 Podcast)

4:54 PM

After two great episodes guested by esteemed Baltimore-based writers (Brandon Soderberg and Jordannah Elizabeth, check the archives if you haven't heard them already), we take some time to talk amongst ourselves, and we discover that we're becoming old men in Hip-Hop, especially The Almighty A.R. As usual, we get into race, life, and music they way that Channel 10 Podcast can only do, so take a listen. Keep up with Channel 10 Podcast at http;//channel10podcast.com. Channel 10 Podcast presents Wu-Tang Podcast, listen at wutangpodcast.com. Keep up with Singodsuperior at singodsuperior.com. Listen to his EP "Korous" whenever you stream music. Keep up with The Almighty A.R. at thealmightyar.com.

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