(Wu-Tang Podcast) Gravediggaz - 6 Feet Deep

9:37 AM

The Gravediggaz was a group that RZA was intially involved with pre Wu-Tang Clan, but their first album "6 Feet Deep" (or Niggamortis as it was originally called) came out after 36 Chambers. "6 Feet Deep" is known for being one of the pioneering efforts in the Horrorcore rap genre. We discuss this first Gravediggaz album on this episode, so check it out! Keep up with Channel 10 Podcast at http;//channel10podcast.com. Channel 10 Podcast presents Wu-Tang Podcast, listen at wutangpodcast.com. Keep up with Singodsuperior at singodsuperior.com. Listen to his EP "Korous" whenever you stream music. Keep up with The Almighty A.R. at thealmightyar.com.

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