Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Bronze Nazareth's "The Great Migration" (Wu-Tang Podcast)

9:55 AM

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bronze Nazareth's "The Great Migration" album with us! We dig deep into this criminally underrated underground classic, discussing Bronze's intricate and introspective lyrics and banging production. If you haven't heard it or need a refresher, listen to this podcast and then check out the album. Check out Matteo Urella's PRO FILE on Bronze Nazareth at MatteoUrella/pro-files-bronze-nazareth-b58d6c018d67">medium.com/@MatteoUrella/pro-f…zareth-b58d6c018d67. The Wu-Tang Podcast is a Channel 10 Podcast production. Keep up with Channel 10 Podcast at channel10podcast.com. Channel 10 Podcast presents Wu-Tang Podcast, listen at wutangpodcast.com. Keep up with Singodsuperior at singodsuperior.com. Listen to his EP "Kouros" whenever you stream music. Keep up with The Almighty A.R. at thealmightyar.com. Please rate, subscribe, comment, and share with your fam!

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