Do People Still Have Ciphers Anymore? (Channel 10 Podcast)

11:03 PM

On this episode we get into more old man rap talk as we grow old in Hip-Hop, asking questions like "do people sill have cyphers anymore?" We get into the new music of the day such as Meek Mill, Young Jeezy, D.R.A.M., etc, but before that we get into our music current music progress and process and our lives and philosophies in general when it comes to eating and health. We also talk about the greatness that is Marvin Gaye. Don't miss this great conversation. Keep up with Channel 10 Podcast at Channel 10 Podcast presents Wu-Tang Podcast, listen at Keep up with Singodsuperior at Listen to his EP "Kouros" whenever you stream music. Keep up with The Almighty A.R. at

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